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The leading UK Paper Sack Company…

Paper sack company East Riding Sacks Ltd is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of multi wall paper sacks.

Based in Stamford Bridge (York) the modern purpose built production facility has the capacity to manufacture and distribute up to 150,000,000 paper sacks per annum.

The following ranges of paper sacks are available: –

All our paper sacks are manufactured under stringent quality and hygiene standards and are suitable for use in the human and animal feed supply chain.
Significant investment has been undertaken on the factory work environment and infrastructure including three modern printing lines with the facility to print up to eight colours, together with new high speed conversion lines with the facilities for automatic palletisation to further enhance and improve sack filling performance.
Paper Bag Range / Paper Sack Range

Paper Sacks

Are suitable for multiple applications across many industry sectors, from direct food contact, building and aggregate products, pet foods and agriculture; multi-wall paper sacks range from 2 ply to 4 ply, including tubed in polythene liners.

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Paper Sack Ranges Available

Our sackraft is sourced from renewable sources, where the growth rate is significantly exceeding the cutting rate; sack kraft is suitable for recycling and is compostable.

Printing can be undertaken in any range of colours (up to 6 colours), across the following sack ranges: sewn open mouth, rolled bottom, valve open mouth block bottoms.

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Paper Sack Types

Rolled Bottom Paper Sacks

used where high speed packing lines are used…

Open mouth multi wall sacks, up to four plies. The double folded bottom ensures strong and secure sack closure; in addition, an easy open facility can be incorporated into the sack bottom.  These sacks are well suited to automatic high speed packing lines, and ensure square and stable pallet loads.

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Open Mouth Block Bottom Paper Sacks

used predominantly for powdered products…

Manufactured in up to four plies and can include an integrated tubed in polyethylene liner with a high barrier value. Production equipment on site includes the facilities to print on the block bottom of the sack for ease of identification when packed and in storage.

Automatically palletised and mainly used for powdered products.

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Valve Sacks - Valve Paper Sacks i.e. Cement Sack Building Sack

Valve Paper Sacks

used for high speed filling of powdered product…

This type of sack is suited for high speed filling of powdered product, which results in a clean and dust free work environment.
A barrier ply can be incorporated to protect the product from moisture.  Various valve types are available depending on the product being packed and method of closure.

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Sewn Paper Sacks

used predominantly for potato sack industry…

These sacks are open mouth with stitched and taped bottoms. Plastic carrying handles can be incorporated into the sack bottom, in addition to a polyethylene window on the main body of the sack.

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Open Mouth Sewn Paper Sacks - Potato Sacks - Food Sacks