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A very popular form of packaging for most types of animal feed including horse feed, cattle feed, sheep feed and poultry feed.

These can be supplied in either Roll Bottom, Sewn Open Mouth or Open Mouth Block Bottom, with a Natural or Bleached outer ply. Roll Bottom has the option of Easy Open.

Plastic handles can be added to the smaller sewn sacks up to 12.5kg.

Animal feed sacks can also be manufacture with a PE Coated inner ply, or tubed-in liner to act as a barrier to prevent moisture from entering or exiting the sack.

Bespoke designs can be used to fit in with individual customer requirements with the ability to print up to eight colours which our in-house design team can create & supply artworks for approval before manufacture. Sacks can be printed to a high gloss / Varnish finish and are robust due to the strength & quality of the paper.